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Personal guidance; the way you expect!

My name is Bagus Resna, and I’m born and raised in Bali Indonesia. I’m living with my wife and daughter partly in Denpasar and partly in the town where I’m born called Klungkung. I have many years of experience working in resorts for which I made sure it’s guests transportation. Besides that, I have been hired a lot to guide and drive guests and families around my beautiful island.

Because Bali is a wanted travel destination for solo traveling women, I have been hired a lot as a personal bodyguard as well. Throughout the years I have gained lots of experience and personal contacts, and so I have decided to start my own transport company. Luxurious resorts in Bali often charge too much for transport, and the thing about local taxis is that you never know who to trust.


“We spend christmas with our family on Bali. This was our first visit to Bali, Bagus was our tour guide and driver. Thanks to Bagus we saw all the beautiful places on Bali.
Bagus is a reliable and trustworthy person, easy going and just very nice. We kindly recommend Bagus!”

Julia, Sonja & Steve

“I was in Bali for a week, for business and pleasure. Bagus was my personal guide and assistant. He made all of my appointments and arranged all the cargo transport to the Netherlands.
He was of a great help, nice guy and a good driver i was very pleased with his company and he knew his way around the island.”

Bert O.

“I have been traveling quiet a lot to Bali over the past years, and I keep returning to Bagus. With bagus i am always sure to get to my destination safely and quickly. He is respectful, funny and trustworthy. He is my bodyguard, translates for me, negotiates when needed, and most importantly has become a very good friend.

I’d highly recommend Bagus to anyone, including solo traveling women!”

Babette Monsma


Transfer from and to the airport

Airport transfer

  • South Bali
  • ( 240.000 Rupiah )

Airport transfer

  • Retour – South Bali
  • ( 175.000 Rupiah )

Airport transfer

  • North Bali
  • ( 520.000 Rupiah )

Airport transfer

  • Retour – North Bali
  • ( 470.000 Rupiah )

“From A to B along the most beautiful places on Bali”

Bali Tour

Tour ( Full day )

  • Morning and afternoon
  • ( 630.000 Rupiah )

Tour ( half a day )

  • Morning or afternoon
  • ( 520.000 Rupiah )

Tour ( evening price )

  • Extra costs
  • ( 240.000 Rupiah )
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